New Glass Class Alert!

We’re excited to show you the newest design for our Wine & Design class! These mosaic-style glass trays combine a blast of bright color and repeating geometric patterns to create eye-catching and functional works of art. Perfect for beginners and experienced fusers alike, this piece uses a variety of simple pre-cut pieces to arrange pleasing patterns that form a lovely design.

Preview of our mosaic-style glass tray before it’s fired into a solid piece of glass

The images above and below show what these trays look like as they’re being built, before they are fired. Once arranged, the pieces are fired into a flat piece. Then they are fired a second time in a ceramic mold for a process called “slumping” which forms them into the tray shape! As soon as our sample is out of the kiln, we’ll post that picture too. (Glass has been pretty popular lately so we’re letting our customers’ artwork get through the kiln first! 😊)

Our first night making these trays will be February 2 at 7pm. We will be adding more classes for this fun project as well!

Another view of a mosaic-style tray before it’s fired in the kiln.

Squish on a Dish!

We can’t believe how popular our Squish on a Dish Kids Night Out has been! After selling out two classes, we know there are a lot of young artists still hoping to make their own snack plate featuring everyone’s favorite pillow pals. So our team has been busy making EXTRA plates and eggs that we will have available to make on a walk-in basis in the studio starting January 28!

The pieces feature an outlined design that has been pre-fired on to help define the cute animal shapes–like a coloring book on pottery! We recommend using just 1-2 coats of paint on the designs for best results. After you paint it in, we glaze and fire it to a food-safe and glossy finish.

Excited for more Kids Nights Out? Stay tuned to see what our next project is! 🐶 🐱 . . .😉