Paint Pottery

No Studio Fees, Just Fun Painting
When you walk in to Arts & Glass, we’ll help you select your future masterpiece from a large offering of dinnerware, figurines, boxes, banks, decorative pieces and more.  The heartprice on your piece includes all paints, use of tools, studio time, glazing and firing of your piece.  There is no extra fee for studio time–you can even come back to finish your work another day for no extra charge!  We want you to enjoy the art of ceramics, not worry about how long it’s taking you to finish it.

“But I’m Not Artistic”
We can’t wait to help you get started in creating a great piece, no matter your artistic skill.  We have lots of painted samples and inspirational idea books in the store, or you can browse through our Pinterest Page to see ideas before you even get to the studio.  You can even print out a picture at home and bring it in for us to show you how to trace a design right onto your project!
painting mug 1We have specialized brushes, stencils, stamps, sponges, toothbrushes and other funky tools to help you execute your design–all free for you to use.
For a finishing touch, we also  offer custom text personalization.  Not sure about your handwriting?  Let us paint in the professional lettering for you!
Finally, if you still prefer us to do the painting for you, we offer reasonably-priced custom painting.  This is a great option for wedding platters, signature plates, and special gifts.  Additional time is required when ordering custom painting.

When Do I Get My Artwork Back?
Good things take time, and to ensure that your pottery gets the careful handling it deserves, we require one week to glaze and fire your piece.  We’ll hold finished pottery for up to 30 days in case you can’t get back in right away.  For an additional fee we can ship orders, so if you’re visiting (or have family visiting) from far away, don’t worry!

What Is Bisque?vase
Bisque is pottery made in a mold from clay that has been fired (heated) in a very hot oven called a kiln.  You can then create your own unique design on the pottery using special paints called underglazes.  The underglazes we use are non-toxic and food safe, so you can actually eat off of and drink out of your creations once they have been fired!  To ensure a long life for your pottery, we do recommend caring for your finished pieces as you would fine China: hand-wash and do not place in oven or microwave.