Crystal Glazes? Yes, Please!

So we just discovered a new type of glaze (paint) for your pottery and we are in love with it! They’re called Crystal Glazes, and we think you’re gonna be just as crazy about them as we are. They paint onto your bare pottery just like regular paints. But then in the kiln, the little crystals in the paint POP into bright and fun bursts of color!

A few of the new crystal glazes at Arts & Glass showing bursts of colors.

We’ve tested out a few colors so far, and will be piloting these exciting new glazes at our Crystal Glaze Gnome workshop on Thursday, October 22. You can sign up for the event here. We’ll then be making the glazes available to walk-in’s after that based on availability. Once a glaze sells out, it might gone for good, so stop in to use them while they’re in stock!

Before our gnome was fired (baked) in our kiln (oven) and after firing!

You may be wondering if you can use them for dinnerware (plates, bowls, mugs). They are all non-toxic and food-safe, but due to some of the surface characteristics, if food does get into tiny crevices it can be difficult to clean. Therefor they are not recommended for surfaces that will touch food, but best used for home decor pieces. Vases and planters are a-ok though!