Fuse Glass

What Is Glass Fusion?   
Glass Fusion is the process of laying pieces of glass then melting them in a kiln to create unique and beautiful designs.  At Arts & Glass, you can make all sorts of fused glass projects, from coasters and suncatchers to picture frames and bowls.  Just choose the base shape of your piece, make your design using our extensive collection of beautifully colored glass, and we’ll fuse it together for you!  Prices generally are determined by the size of your base piece.

Kids enjoy glass fusing at Arts & GlassGreat For Beginners, Too!
You don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy glass fusing.  We have plenty of finished samples and a great inspiration book to get you on your way to assembling your work, or you can even browse through our Pinterest Page to see ideas before you even come in.  You can even print out a design at home and bring it in to slide under your glass base as a template.  To help you assemble your artwork, we have many pre-cut pieces of glass, such as strips, squares, bits, and pebbles.  Our staff can also show you how to cut your own glass safely to expand the possibilities of your design.  We even have a selection of specialty glass to add finishing touches to your work like millefiori and glass paint.  For our younger artists, we are developing a selection of pre-fused, kid-safe glass for making designs.  We generally recommend glass fusion for ages 6 and up, though younger children can work one-on-one with an adult to fuse as well.

A glass project before firing at Arts & Glass